BYL’s HR Outsourcing Services

We provides tailored, efficient, and cost-effective solutions without the long-term commitment and overheads associated with hiring a full-time employee. We handle everything from payroll and benefits administration to compliance, employee relations, and recruitment, allowing you to focus on growth

Our Services

  • Initial labor registration
  • Initial social insurance registration
  • Monthly payroll calculation, processing & reporting
  • Monthly, Quarterly PIT declaration, annual tax refundable calculation
  • SIHUI processing
  • HR compliance and support
  • Labor contracts, renewals & amendments
  • Internal labor procedures, documentation & compliance
  • Employment advisory, support & assistance
  • Ongoing labor compliance & reporting

Full cycle of recruitment or support any phase of the recruitment process:

  • Create/review JD
  • Job postings
  • Source candidates
  • Schedule interviews
  • Train hiring team on interviewing
  • Reference checking
  • Negotiate offers

Client’s Benefits


Save Time and Increase Productivity

Reduce Overhead Costs

Strict security to prevent data leaks

Performed by expertise team

Reduce business risk and liabilities